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“The South Shall (NOT) Rise Again”
University of Richmond Law Review


"Who's Searching for the Soul of Black Preaching?" 
Theology Today


"And Who is My Neighbor?"

Howard Law Journal 


"A Theology of Welcome"
Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal


"And When Does the Black Church Get Political?"
Hastings Race & Poverty Law Journal 


"The Fiery Furnace, Civil Disobedience, and The Civil Rights Movement
Richmond Public Interest Law Review


"The Substance of Things Hoped For"
Cumberland Law Review


"Environmental Justice in the Deep South"
University of San Francisco Law Review


"The Interest Convergence of Education Reform and Economic Development"
University of Louisville Law Review


"America's Civil Rights Movement"
Louisiana Bar Journal


"Environmental Justice and Eschatology in Revelation"
Loyola Law Review


"A Theology of Civil Disobedience"
University of California Interdisciplinary Law Journal 


"Louisiana Appellate Practice and Procedure"
Louisiana Bar Journal


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